TopChim and VITO collaborate in EU project for bio-plastic packaging


TopChim starts a commercial departement in France


Topchim is looking for Distributors/Agents in Turkey, UK and Eastern Europe


Topchim signed agency agreement for Italy


TopChim NV/SA was established in June 1996. We are a Belgium based and world-wide operating research driven chemical company, specializing in coating technology.
We apply the latest technologies in chemical science to develop high-performance ecological coating solutions for the paper, cardboard and packaging converting industry. The pioneering work in chemistry and biopolymer technology is the result of active collaboration with European institutes and universities involved in our fundamental research. The research efforts of our science department have been translated amongst other things into the production of waterborne dispersions of biopolymer pigments on an industrial scale.
TopChim is committed to continuing its search for solutions for optimal paper and board coating production that are both environmentally friendly and economically attractive. We are focused on the success we can bring to our customers' operations through innovation.


We are committed to becoming a market leader in ecological paper coating solutions, as a constantly innovating, professional organization with superior knowledge in paper technology, providing its customers with the most sustainable high-quality integrated solutions.
Our team strives to offer quality and value to our customers; to develop innovative products that are safe, economical and environmentally sound; and to meet the highest standards of integrity.
TopChim will succeed by perfecting its research and development processes so that they consistently exceed customer expectations.


  • Attain growth through Innovation and Excellence.
  • Constantly seek to understand and fulfil our customers needs.
  • Conserve natural resources, operate our facilities safely and minimize the environmental impact of our activities.

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